• Josh Gurango

A Short Introduction to the Westminster Assembly

What was the Westminster Assembly? Why was it important? Is the Westminster Confession of Faith relevant for today?

The Melbourne Reformation Society was delighted to have an authority on this subject, Dr. Rowland Ward, provide helpful answers to these questions and help us gain a deeper appreciation for both the Assembly and its achievements. All who find themselves within the broad Reformed tradition will benefit from this lesson.

Rowland S. Ward was born and raised in Melbourne. He holds the BA and Hons BTh degrees from the University of South Africa, and the Diploma of the Free Church of Scotland College, Edinburgh (which he attended 1972-75). In 1994 he was awarded the degree ThD from the Australian College of Theology, Sydney for his dissertation on “Divisions and Unions in Australian Presbyterianism 1823-1901 with Special Reference to the Church’s Attitude to its Creed”.

Brought up in the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, Rowland moved to the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia in 1968 due to the widespread liberalism of the PCV at that time. Rowland is Church History and Research Lecturer at the Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne. (Bio Source: https://tulippublishing.com.au/mbm-book-author/rowland-s-ward/)

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