common: belonging to or shared by two or more people or by all members of a group

Why is this blog called "common" theology?

Because we should be more interested in the common than the novel.

Although there is always room to discuss new ideas, the Christian should be most excited about the historic, Christ-centred, Gospel truths which God's people have always held. The Bible is the Word of God and has the authority to define what we must share in common.

Because we want the common to remain common.

Sadly, many of these biblical truths which Christians once commonly held are becoming less common. Thus, we must hold fast to (and when necessary, restore) the church's historic beliefs as exemplified in our early Creeds and Reformed Confessions, which are merely biblical doctrines set forth in summary.

Because we believe that theology is for the common man.

Indeed, pastors and theologians are God's special gifts to the church. But every believer does theology. It is a must in order for us to know God more meaningfully and learn to live as His people, for we can only love that which we know and practice that which we understand.

Image by Daniel McCullough