• Josh Gurango

Academy and Church: Reformed Scholastic Contributions

The Melbourne Reformation Society was blessed to be joined by John Lee to discuss the important movement called "Reformed Scholasticism," and how the scholastics help us envision a healthy, God-honouring, and Christ-exalting relationship between the Academy and the Church. An outline of John's lecture can be found below.

John is currently the Assistant to the Principal at the Reformed Theological College, Australia. He is a Doctoral Candidate at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Free University of Amsterdam) and is a graduate of Westminster Seminary, California.

00:04:20 - INTRODUCTION | Academy and Church: The Issue

00:18:09 - PART 1 | Reformed Scholasticism: Universities, Professors, and Curriculum

00:59:45 - PART 2 | Reformed Scholasticism and Confessional Theology

01:24:40 - PART 3 |Reformed Scholasticism and Catholic Theology

01:43:40 - CONCLUSION | Confessional Relationship Between Academy and Church

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