• Josh Gurango

Coffee & Theology: The Kingdom of God

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Ptr. Joseph Mangahas and Josh Gurango (myself) were once again hosted by Faith Library for another Coffee & Theology online hangout. This time, our discussion revolved around the Kingdom of God. We were joined by about 60 participants who contributed by asking a whole lot of really helpful questions along the way. You can find the timestamps for the four main questions we sought to answer below.

00:04:59 #1 - What is the Kingdom of God?

00:24:30 #2 - What do we mean by already but not yet?

00:44:41 #3 - What is the relationship between Kingdom and Covenant?

01:03:45 #4 - How does this understanding of the Kingdom affect our engagements with the world?

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